Celebrating OUR 10th anniversary

Since 2004, the Theology of the Body Institute has been driven by a vision of our world filled with men and women who freely embrace God's glorious plan for their lives. We will continue to proclaim the Theology of the Body as a foundation from which an authentic culture of life and love can flourish. We seek to faithfully and effectively promote the teachings of Pope Saint John Paul II on the dignity of the human person made male and female. With ten years of experience engaging the hearts and minds of people of all ages and vocations, the Theology of the Body Institute will continue to strive to be among the premiere providers of formation in the Theology of the Body.

“Only the body is capable of making visible the invisible. The spiritual & divine.”

- TOB: 19:4

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Go Deeper in 2015

THEOLOGY OF THE BODY II: INTO THE DEEP JANUARY 4 - 9, 2015 | QUARRYVILLE, PA Explore the Song of Songs, t he Book of Tobit, & the 6 Undelivered Addresses of Theology of the Body. THEOLOGY OF THE BODY II builds upon and advances the material presented in Theology of the Body I, “Head and Heart...